Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friends Photoshoot

I finally did it! Although I had a "little" help from my daughter, Thanks Pinky! So on June 11th I had an experience I will never forget! It was filled with so many laughs that I'm sure we all got an ab workout that day. In the morning, I first taught Mitzi, Carol, and Bridget a "Friends" album for the photoshoot to follow afterwards. The class went well, and "nobody ate the donuts my children provided for them " (Gabby) lol We went out to lunch at about noon at Cafe Rio, and may I add that it was good. From there we went to Julie's house. Julie is an amazing friend, scrapbooker, and photographer. She took us down to her studio where she's going to start working. From then on, the laughs never ended. I'd say that Bridget had the most fun with the photoshoot. She said she was shy, but in the end she wasn't afraid to do anything lol Carol liked to point her hand gun at me in our Charlie's Angels pose hahaha :D Mitzi looked beautiful in all of her pictures! Lastly, Julie is such a fun photogenic person and amazing at taking pictures! Thank you to Tara too for taking the pics when Julie wasn't. I've always known how much my friends mean to me and I'm glad that I now have pictures to treasure when I'm in California. I wanted to have this photoshoot to have these keepsakes and scrapbook them for myself and for each of the girls. We may be miles and miles away, but our friendship will always remain close. Thanks to all my friends who shared this experience with me because it really meant a lot. I dearly love you all! <3